Solidarity protest with homeless people. End the Horror of SLUM HOSTELS IN EDINBURGH

17 January  10am – 11.30

Abbots House, 10 Links Place, Edinburgh EH6 7EZ (By Leith Links. 12 bus – or 16 to Constitution Street, then walk along Queen Charlotte Street)

Abbot house is dubbed “the worst hostel in Scotland”, but its business is flourishing and its owner is getting richer every day.  Its clients are neither tourists or travelers, the owners of Abbots House are making a fortune from exploiting the homeless and they get secure revenues from Edinburgh City Council.  Instead of building homes to solve the housing crisis once and for all the Council persists in a mischievous plan funding private profit through public money against public interest. In the capital alone the housing crisis has seen Edinburgh City Council paying out £120,000 a week to hostels and B&Bs. While the numbers of homeless continue to grow, Edinburgh Council has been using rotten hostels and B&B as temporary accommodation. Whole families are being put in one room. Dirty and dilapidated rooms, filthy mattresses, shared toilets with no locks. The shocking conditions in Abbots House and Almond House B&B’s were exposed in the Daily Record in August 2017 – with some of the residents describing them as more similar to prisons than homes – but things are now worse than ever. We say to City of Edinburgh Council:

  • Stop putting families in homeless bed and breakfasts
  • Take immediate action to drastically improve the appalling conditions in Abbots House and other homeless B&B’s like Almond House
  • Provide more genuine social housing for rent so no-one has to stay in homeless B&B’s

There are more than enough resources to build good homes for all. But profit is being put before people’s needs. Developers make more money from luxury hotels, shopping centres, and expensive private homes – the number of council houses in Edinburgh has fallen from 58,000 in the late 1970’s to under 20,000. In the meantime the pressure over the growing cost of rents in Edinburgh keep growing, with entire neighborhood been made unaffordable for working people to make space to luxurious hotels and private homes for the few often remaining underused for years.

After years of succumbing to the logic of social cleansing of the city, finally last summer a group led by mothers from North Edinburgh have been taking inspiring action to resist homelessness. The group named “All About Me” contest the benefits cap as the reason why so many family are getting evicted and finding nowhere else to go. After a summer of protest the groups has gained the small victory of the abolition of charges for homeless people taking their possessions out of council storage. This should be considered only the beginning of this campaign that aim to put an end to the system of profit over homelessness put in practice by Edinburgh City council and its courts of private profiteers.

Together we can confront the housing crisis and fight back against austerity and the cuts, we need to make these brutal policies unworkable.

Abbots House, 10 Links Place, Edinburgh EH6 7EZ (By Leith Links. 12 bus – or 16 to Constitution Street, then walk along Queen Charlotte Street)

Family crippled by Tory benefits cap housed in ‘filthy’ B&B hotel

Campaign demands and reports earlier actions

North Edinburgh Action Group, All About Me, Power to the People group, Edinburgh Coalition Against Poverty. Contact via



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