Nationalise Social Care Meeting

A message from the campaign:

Over the last few months we were involved in the campaign to stop the closure of 12 Care homes run by Bield. The homes were in various localities  throughout Scotland  – 2 in Edinburgh;  Falkirk; Biggar; Bonnybridge etc.
A young woman, Laura, whose Gran was a resident, along with many relatives organised an inspirational campaign.
Meetings; petitioning; deputations to Parliament; publicity etc all contributed to involving and informing hundreds of people.
The argument that Home care and Residential Care should be nationalised struck a chord with all those involved.
Unfortunately, the “weakness” of the Campaign was that there were no Bield staff involved. This was partly because they are poorly Unionised; but mainly because Bield bullied them into not even being allowed to discuss the issue and perhaps a general feeling of powerlessness.
BUT  we who were involved could see the potential if staff and residents and the localities had occupied the homes and refused to allow them to shut.
Given the support for the SNP on a No Cuts policy, it could have won support and, at the very least, put the SNP on the spot.
There is never a shortage of money for weapons. The rich are obscenely rich.  Yet our elderly and disabled suffer dreadfully  – at home or in care.
More recently Edinburgh Council have announced that relatives will have to do more as they don’t have the money to pay for Homecare.
We have organised a meeting for Tues 26th June, 7pm
Southbridge Resource Centre, 6 Infirmary Street    Edinburgh

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